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    "If you are not in the arena getting your ass kicked too, I am not interested in, or open to, your feedback about my work. You can't take criticism and feedback from people who aren't being brave with their lives. It will crush you."
    - Dr. Brené Brown

    As you are searching for information or randomly clicking on websites while you are bored (oh wait – that is me!), please know that you have worth, value and above all deserve to be known for who you truly are at the core. We all walk through life trying to measure up to what we feel others think we SHOULD be or who we think we SHOULD be or what we were always told we COULD be. Take one moment and dream about what it is you WANT to be and what it would like to be authentically you. No matter who is around. No matter how silly you look, embarrassed you may feel at times or even if you fail. The bottom line is that you are being you and that is all anyone can ask. You don’t know my family Melissa, You do not know what I have done Melissa, how could I ever be authentic and be accepted? Great questions. I may not know your family or your failures or your personality quirks, but let me tell you that I have my own and then some! My favorite part of working with people is that I get to be me and share my moments of spilling hot tea on someone who wanted to market me (it was an accident – I swear!) or tripping over my still very favorite sundress in front of a client or even having all my tech fail in front of an audience of thousands. Life is messy and life is hard and most of all, life is unfair. But whether you choose to work with me or someone else – always remember, that life is meant to be lived authentically and messy but fun.

    Take care of you and I wish you all the best on your journey ~


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