• Enneagram Series: Type One

    The Enneagram Explained

    The enneagram is a system that shows us the nine ways that the people in the world default to in life. It explains the “why” of all that we do, think, and feel. There are nine types are based on our core motivations and fear so that we can grow as an individual in order to thrive in our life.

    WHO are you?

    The Enneagram starts by telling you “who” you are.  With the enneagram, you are one of nine personality types.

    WHY are you?

    The Enneagram then takes things deeper and tells you “why” you are who you are. It explains your core motivation and fear which is the driving force behind all your actions, thoughts, and feelings.

    HOW and WHAT do you want to change?

    Your personality type gives you the tools you need so that you know “how” to change.  With the tools, you can decide what you want to change and how you want to make those changes so you can be the rockstar you were created to be.


    The Pros and Cons of Being Enneagram Type One

    Type one personalities are known to be perfectionists. They have high standards for themselves, their life, and the people around them. Ones are known to be rational and to strive to do what is right and moral. Ones are typically motivated for their longing to live a meaningful life in which they can improve the world in some way. If you are an enneagram type one, chances are you are great at achieving the things you set your mind to. However, your desire to be seen as perfect and moral can certainly have its downfalls.


    The Pros


    Ones are known to hold themselves and the people around them to high moral standards. They are honest, stick to their word, and strive always to do what is right. Because of this morality, type ones can make dependable and kind friends. If you are an enneagram type one, chances are you would be more likely to stand up for what you believe is right and defend others that you see being mistreated.

    Attention to Detail

    Ones are known to have a keen eye for little details, as they tend to strive for perfection. This keen eye for detail can be beneficial in a type one’s professional aspirations, allowing them to complete every task to the highest of standards.


    Ones tend to be ambitious and motivated. They dream of finding success in a way that can help improve the world in one way or the other and are willing to put the work in to achieve those dreams.

    High Standards

    Ones hold themselves, their lives, and the people around them to the highest of standards. These high standards help type ones achieve the life of their dreams while still maintaining their morality.

    Good Judgement

    Type ones tend to think rationally, granting them a decent sense of good judgment. Type ones think their decisions through, meaning they don’t just jump headfirst into things. Instead, a type one personality will be more likely to consider the best option for what it is they are looking for.


    Type one personalities are idealistic. When a person with a type one personality feels as though they have found their calling in life, they will pursue it with all their might. This can help you find the drive to follow your dreams, while your high motivation and attention to detail push you to achieve your goals to the highest of standards.


    Ones are practical thinkers. They tend to be responsible and serious, understanding that each of their actions will have a consequence. This can be especially beneficial in keeping one safe and stable, allowing them to pursue their dreams without the worries they would face if they were to act impulsively.

    The Cons


    All of this pressure to be perfect, moral, and seen as a “good person” can often come at a great personal sacrifice. Type one’s perfectionistic ways and high standards can cause them great stress as they seek a high-quality life approved by the world around them.


    Type one personalities tend to be overly critical about themselves and the world around them. Their ambition to live a moral and successful life can lead to a life in which they constantly criticize and judge their lives and the world around them. This might push others away as nobody wants to live their life feeling like they are constantly being critiqued and judged.


    Nobody is perfect. Despite this fact, ones chase perfection to the best of their ability. Because of this, they can come off as self-righteous and judgmental. This might push people away and cause type ones to appear as if they believe they are better than everyone. 


    The type one’s tendency for high standards can often lead to impatience. Type ones may get frustrated when they are not able to complete things perfectly the first time around. They may also grow impatient when pursuing their dreams to improve the world.


    Tips for Growth as a Type One

    Type one personalities have tons of amazing traits that can propel them forward in life. However, a type one’s tendency for ambition and high standards can take away from their sense of accomplishment and happiness with the things they have already achieved. Making sure to take care of yourself can help you live your most happy and fulfilled life.

    Practice Self-Care

    Type ones may find themselves feeling stressed as they work to appear perfect and achieve their ambitious goals. Take some time to make sure you are taking care of your health and wellness. Take a break when you need it.

    Learn to Accept the Things You Cannot Control

    With a type one personality, it can be easy to fall into the trap of wanting to control everything. The problem with this is there are a ridiculous amount of things in life that are out of our control. Learning to accept this will help you enjoy your journey through life much more.

    Practice Compassion for Yourself and the People Around You

    Understand that nobody is perfect- not even you. Work on being understanding when you make a mistake, when your friend does something against your morals, or when your coworker doesn’t get their task right the first time.

    Consider What it is You Actually Want

    Type one’s desire to be seen as perfect can often prevent them from doing what they actually want. When making decisions, consider whether you are choosing them because it will look good or because it is something you want to do.

    Enjoy the Present Moment

    A type one’s ambition can sometimes cause them to constantly be looking toward their future accomplishments. This tendency can cause you to miss out on celebrating the things you have already accomplished so far.

    Work to Understand Your Emotions

    As a type one personality, your need to constantly be seen as moral and perfect can cause you to push your emotions to the background. Understand that it is okay not to be okay sometimes. Sit with yourself every once in a while, and try to understand the turmoil of emotions swirling around your head.

    Having a type one personality can bring you great things in life. However, it certainly has its downfalls. Working to take care of yourself and being mindful of your reactions to imperfection can be extremely helpful to get you living your best life possible.

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