• Online Anxiety Therapy in CA, FL, OH, PA, TN and TX

    Online Anxiety Therapy in CA, FL, OH, PA, TN and TX

    “If you trade your authenticity for safety, you may experience the following: anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addiction, rage, blame, resentment and inexplicable grief.”  – Brené Brown


    I would never question Brené Brown or edit any of her quotes – she rocks. But, I would add workaholism and the relentless pursuit of success to her list of things you experience when you’re not authentic. Talking to individuals in both my online therapy practice and personal life has shown me that when someone is not thriving in their authentic life, they overcompensate by focusing on work, achievement, and success. They do this to balance out their internal fear of being known as exactly who they are at the core. This leads to anxiety and feeling like you’re never good enough. Your anxiety is crushing and makes you feel miserable no matter how much success you achieve.

    Being an overachiever is great, but not worth dealing with anxiety symptoms.young mom works on her laptop and cares for her baby. She is an overachiever. She gets online anxiety therapy in ohio with online therapist melissa russiano who also offers online anxiety therapy in Pennsylvania, online anxiety therapy in tennessee, online anxiety therapy in florida, and online anxiety therapy in California to help treat therapist burnout

    So, how is being an overachiever a bad thing? I know some of you are thinking, “well if treat my anxiety, I may not be as successful, because my anxiety fuels my productivity.” Okay, but my question would be “at what cost?”

    Being an overachiever is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because you can be a rockstar, accomplish your (probably unrealistic) goals and obtain the accolades that make you feel good about yourself. Your internal motivation has gotten you where you are. The fire, the energy, the drive, the discipline, the consistency are amazing qualities that have propelled you through life, work, hobbies, passions, and many obstacles and challenges. Perfection is always in sight. But, as we all know, it’s rarely achievable. Aside from the fact that perfection is rare in general, the mindset of an overachiever is often stuck on “not good enough”. There’s always something missing. There’s always something more to be done, more to pursue and go after.

    Think about your core belief – where did it come from? What is the message? 99% of the time your core belief is negative. This completely fuels your passion to keep pushing yourself to be better than you are today. On the flip side, the curse of being an overachiever is anxiety. It is the lack of inner peace, the inability to relax, the inability to enjoy the present, and the need to control all of the moving pieces (in your life and your loved ones). Check out my bonus blog on HOPE to see how each plays a part in how your anxiety shows up.

    When you’re always anxious it can become a part of your identity. But, that’s not a good thing.

    From an emotional perspective, chronic anxiety at some point blends with one’s personality and way of functioning. This can make it hard to separate and identify. It looks different for everyone. No two people experience anxiety in the same way. But, there are some easily identifiable markers of anxiety in overachievers that I commonly see in my online therapy practice.

    Some common symptoms of anxiety in overachievers include:

    • You hold yourself to over-the-top standards and then stew in self-criticism when things don’t go your way
    • Beating yourself up over mistakes. Engaging in toxic self-analysis and criticism.
    • Your self-esteem is based on outside validation, accomplishments, and accolades to fuel your self-worth.
    • Struggling to take mental breaks. You feel a perpetual sense of urgency to climb, climb, climb without stopping for air.
    • Being rarely, if ever, satisfied with your performance. You minimize your progress, and neglect to celebrate and savor the fruits of your labor.
    • Being consumed with constant, nagging, persistent concern over what’s to be conquered next.
    • Physical symptoms like insomnia, excessive sweating, racing heart rate, stomach aches, dizziness, or muscle twitching.

    What can you do to deal with anxiety?

    Does any of that sound familiar to you? Then you may be dealing with anxiety. But, I want to clarify that one can be anxious without being an overachiever and vice versa. Anxiety can be genetic and be a “gift” from your family tree or it can be a product of the stressful environment you’re in. I have met some overachievers that are not anxious. But, let me focus on the word some. The other individuals I work with cover up their anxiety with shopping, food, really good red wine, or medication (prescription and non-prescription).

    If you’re struggling, there’s hope. Online anxiety therapy can help you overcome the unique challenges you’re facing as an overachiever with anxiety.

    Online Anxiety Therapy

    photo of a yoga room next to a light sign that says inhale exhale. This represents the self care skills you'll learn when working with online therapist Melissa russiano who offers online anxiety therapy in Ohio, online anxiety therapy in Pennsylvania, online anxiety therapy in tennessee, online anxiety therapy in florida, and online anxiety therapy in California to help treat therapist burnout and anxiety

    I don’t want to keep you from being successful. My ultimate goal is to help you be your authentic self and live a life you love. I totally understand that working on your anxiety may not interest you, especially if you feel like it makes you be productive. But, let me assure you, you can be productive without being anxious. You do not have to live with the discomfort that anxiety breeds. Online therapy can help.

    In my practice, I specialize in working with adults just like you. I will work with you to identify the values that are most important to you. Perhaps this is being successful, well-liked, and respected. But, maybe there are other things that bring you joy. I will help you look at all aspects of your life and get to know the person you are at your core. Then, we will discuss how your behaviors prevent you from living an authentic life and we will discuss ways you can change them to be more aligned with the person you truly want to be. This will allow you to get back to living a happier more well-rounded lifestyle.

    Why you should consider online anxiety therapy:

    Simply put, it’s convenient. Online therapy allows you to access the same quality mental-health care without ever having to make an appointment, get in your car, wait to be seen, etc. Online therapy happens from your couch (chair or office) and not mine. As an overachiever, I know you’re busy. So, I offer convenient evening and weekend hours that will work with your schedule.

    Say it with me: Self-care is NOT selfish!

    Online Anxiety Therapy can help you care for yourself so you can live authentically.

    successful lawyer smiles at her desk after meeting with online therapist melissa russiano for online anxiety therapy in Ohio. She also offers online anxiety therapy in Pennsylvania, online anxiety therapy in tennessee, online anxiety therapy in florida, and online anxiety therapy in California to treat therapist burnout and anxietyPlease remember, just because you help other people achieve their goals – or watch everyone around you achieve their dream goals – does not mean that it always translates into you being able to do the same thing in your life. I get that. I have been there. But I also know that if you DARE GREATLY you cannot fail.

    Online anxiety therapy will be uncomfortable; it may be painful, and it definitely will challenge you. Ultimately, at the end of this journey, my hope is that you realize that the emotional mask is not worth the energy any longer. The facade is not worth the energy anymore. And you are ready to take the leap to be authentic.

    Being known for who you uniquely are at the core is a freeing experience.

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