• Online Therapy for Helping Professionals

    Online Therapy for Helping Professionals

    Life isn’t always easy, especially when you’re in a helping professional.

    You’re no longer excited to go to work every day.

    Your career choice is taking a toll on your personal life.

    Sometimes, even the strongest and most resilient people need a little bit of help to work through some of life’s more challenging problems. Burnout and a lack of enthusiasm at work are common problems helping professionals face.

    EVERYONE has battles to fight and hurdles to overcome at some point.
    Even helping professionals.

    Whether you are a nurse, attorney, clergy, physician, clinical therapist, first responder, or any other helping professional, your human which means you deal with the common humanity of life. You go through hard times. And, even though you help other people for a living, you may need a little help to get through your own challenges. But, be honest, When was the last time you rung out your emotional sponge? You encourage others to seek help when they are overwhelmed, but you aren’t doing the same. You try to deal with your problems on your own, ignoring your mental health.

    Today, helping professionals are experiencing burnout at an alarmingly high rate

    photo of a woman by her computer getting online therapy for burnout in ohio with melissa russiano who offers therapy for therapists, online therapy in florida, online therapy in california, online therapy in pennsylvania, online therapy in ohio, online therapy in tennesseeThe world we live in right now is filled with increased stress, anxiety, trauma, fear, and constantly feeling like you need to have the answers to the questions that are asked of you. Sometimes, these are questions that you can’t even answer for yourself. Or, questions that really do not have answers. But, they’re questions that are being asked none the less.

    Your days are long. They’re filled with emotion, trauma, and pain. You watch those around you risk their emotional and physical health to be there for a complete stranger. You have begun to accept that vicarious trauma is the norm for you and your entire team.

    Then you do it all over again the next day.

    You committed your life to be there for others no matter what, even in their worst moments. It is your calling, your passion, and your identity.

    So, here’s the deal: We are perfectly imperfect and dive into “fixing” others because sometimes we cannot fix ourselves. As a result, we often feel like IMPOSTERS living a life we would rarely support a client in living. This means we allow our shame to drive our identity.  We fix, then we feel better. We meet people in very painful places but often forget that we need to take care of ourselves in the process. As long as they are okay in the end, so are we.


    But, What About Self-Care?

    Remember that word?  It is one that I mention to my grad students about once a week. However, when I mention it to helping professionals, they often roll their eyes and say “yeah yeah – whatever”.   Don’t get me wrong, I would do the same thing if someone said that to me. But, in the end, part of self-care is to realize that we are bruised but not broken. And realize that at the end of the day: we’re HUMAN.

    Online Therapy for Helping Professionals Can Help You Practice Good Self Care.

    tablet that says telehealth in block letters. Begin online therapy for helping professionals in ohio with melissa russiano who offers therapy for therapists, online therapy in florida, online therapy in california, online therapy in pennsylvania, online therapy in ohio, online therapy in tennesseeCounseling is a way to address your concerns and the barriers keeping you from living your best life, in a safe place. I understand what it takes to do your job and be a helping professional. And, I respect, the strength it took for you to reach out. As a helping professional myself, I understand how your brain works. I promise l will NEVER tell you to take a year off to reboot because I know from experience that isn’t helpful at all. Ultimately, I am committed to partnering with you to get you to where you want to be, so you can be the helping professional that you were created to be.

    Imposter Syndrome is an overused term, but one that most clinicians, including myself, often experience. Imposter Syndrome describes someone who doesn’t feel confident in their abilities and success. I want to help normalize these feelings. You can be a helping professional and need support yourself. It’s okay. All you have to do is reach out and ask for help.

    “Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be;
    embrace who you are.”

    – Dr. Brené Brown


    What you are going to gain from Online Therapy for Helping Professionals:

    • photo of a hand holding onto a rock representing burnout. Get online therapy for helping professionals with melissa russiano who offers therapy for therapists, online therapy in florida, online therapy in california, online therapy in pennsylvania, online therapy in ohio, online therapy in tennesseeThe ability to be authentic and vulnerable with someone
    • A chance to work through any emotional barriers that you might have with self-care
    • You’ll find that sweet spot and niche with a work/life balance
    • The opportunity to create a balance between wearing your helper hat, and being who you are at the core. A person without any letters behind your name, titles, or academic education.

    You might be initially hesitant to seek out help and support for personal matters. But, being authentic means being open, raw, and vulnerable. Then, you can work through the barriers you are experiencing so that you can return to be the rock star helping professional you were created to be. You are in this field for a reason. And, together we can make sure that your identity outside of the clinical space is strong, balanced, full of life, and includes a hobby. I haven’t found my hobby yet, so open to your suggestions!

    If you are ready to put on your oxygen mask back on so you have more energy to help others with theirs – let’s get to work!

    Begin Online Therapy for Helping Professionals in Texas, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee:

    I want you to feel good about yourself and your life, and I’m here to help you! I offer online therapy in Texas, OhioTennesseeFloridaCalifornia, and Pennsylvania. If you’re not a helping professional, don’t worry. I offer online therapy for busy professionals and Therapy for Therapists™. I specialize in using Brené Brown’s The Daring Way™ and offer online workshops to people wanting to overcome shame. Contact me today and let’s get started!

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