• Online Therapy for Busy Professionals

    Online Therapy for Busy Professionals

    You’re tired of blocking out 2-3 hours to get to a therapy appointment.

    It’s important that you find a therapist who can meet with you at a time that works within your busy schedule.

    You want to meet with a  therapist who understands your professional commitments and lifestyle.

    You’ve got enough to worry about already as a busy professional. You don’t need to add juggling your schedule around to accommodate a therapy appointment and the time it takes to commute to a counseling clinic. The good news is, online therapy eliminates these concerns by allowing you to attend appointments in the comfort of your home or office via a HIPPA compliant video platform.

    Online Therapy From Your Couch – Not Mine!

    picture of a laptop representing online therapy for busy professionals with melissa russiano who offers therapy for therapists, online therapy in florida, online therapy in california, online therapy in pennsylvania, online therapy in ohio, online therapy in tennesseeNow that I have your attention, let me assure you, I get what it’s like to be a busy professional. As an overachiever, Type A personality, or perfectionist we all tend to think of ourselves as indestructible. We assume that we just need to push harder or try different tactics to get through hard times. Maybe, doing this has worked in the past, so why doesn’t it now? The bottom line is that there’s something acting as a barrier preventing you from feeling good. But, it’s something we can work through together.

    A wise person asked me once what my ideal client looked like. Ideal client? I had never really thought about an ideal client before. But, I came up with this idea of who my ideal client may be:

    • an individual who is motivated to change
    • an independent thinker with a strong personality and big dreams
    • someone who has expectations that need to be managed but also feel like they live with Imposter Syndrome or the idea that they aren’t good enough and don’t deserve the success they have achieved
    • an individual who fears failure
    • an independent and successful individual who craves connection and to be “known” on an intimate level
    • clients who are blunt – they can call me out when needed but they can also accept compassionate, direct feedback
    • someone who is accountable for their actions

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    Life Isn’t Always Easy and We All Need Help Sometimes. Online Therapy for Professionals Offers You Support.

    Even the strongest people among us need a little bit of help to work through some of life’s more challenging problems. Burnout and a lack of enthusiasm for life are becoming more common problems for anyone who is committed to their career or lifestyle choice. Therapy is not about being broken or weak, it is about being real, vulnerable and craving to be known for who you are at the core. You can be really known and completely accepted for who you are.

    What is Keeping You From Feeling Better and Living The Life You Want?

    photo of a woman holding a sign that says help in front of her computer. She works with melissa russiano who offers online therapy for busy professionals and therapy for therapists, online therapy in florida, online therapy in california, online therapy in pennsylvania, online therapy in ohio, online therapy in tennesseeI was asked the other day WHY busy professionals tend to be hesitant to seek out therapy. The barriers are as unique as the individuals themselves. One of the main barriers present is time. If you had time to fit in another appointment, you would not fall into this category, correct? Online therapy takes care of that barrier for you. With non-traditional hours, therapy fits into your world instead of you fitting into mine.

    No, I do not offer therapy sessions at 11 pm EST or Friday evenings at 8 pm EST – I do have boundaries myself! But, if you are ready to make some changes and get to work I know we can find a mutually convenient time to connect.

    The second barrier I have heard is privacy. There are many individuals that have questioned how real confidentiality truly is – especially when there is a waiting room involved. First and foremost, confidentiality is something that I take very seriously. Secondly, online therapy allows for complete privacy! We can connect in a way that does not require travel, offices, waiting rooms and there are no chance meetings with your neighbor.

    There are barriers in every area of our life to get where we want to go. You did not get where you are today without working through some barriers already. Therapy is just another barrier to work through for you to start. Once you get there – you won’t regret it!The last barrier that is commonly discussed is understanding. “I don’t have the time Melissa for me – you do not understand my schedule“. You are correct, I may not completely understand your schedule. But I want to understand what is keeping you from accomplishing your goals. That includes working within your crazy schedule!

    During Therapy for Professionals, You Will Be Accepted For Who You Are – Imperfections And All.

    We all are human at the core which means we all deal with the common humanity of life.

    Ever see a slab of marble?   Beautiful, expensive unique marble?   What if it were slate or one color – without the cracks?  What happens to the beauty then? It’s gone.  Slate is not marble. In price, beauty, or even in terms of its desirability. Think of all of the “cracks” in your life. The sadness, the disappointments, the failures, and the ‘this is not where I thought I would be at this age in my life.’  All of those cracks come together to form the beauty of your life – just like marble. Slate is boring and who likes boring!

    Marble is beautiful from the pressure and the imperfections.
    So are YOU.

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    Being Vulnerable and Acknowledging Your Challenges is Hard, But I Will Provide You With Compassionate Support During Online Therapy for Professionals

    coffee cup that says be strong representing the support you'll receive in online therapy for busy professionals in ohio with melissa russiano who offers online therapy for busy professionals in pennsylvania, online therapy for busy professionals in tennessee, online therapy for busy professionals in California, online therapy for busy professionals in florida, and therapy for therapistsYou might be initially hesitant to seek out help and support for personal matters. But, being authentic means being open, raw, and vulnerable while you work through the barriers you are experiencing. This will allow you to return to be the rock star professional you were created to be! Imposter Syndrome is real and really is no fun. Let’s change that together!

    As a high achiever, you may be a workaholic, be in the middle of an identity crisis, have traits of perfectionism, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), anxiety, depression, or burnout. All are common symptoms of all work with no play. No balance or living a life in which you THRIVE instead of simply survive.

    If the things I have discussed resonate with you, then let’s chat! I have a feeling we would be a great fit to work together in counseling. I will be committed to partnering with you to get you back to the high achiever you are – with realistic expectations of life, self, and those around you.

    Begin Online Therapy for Professionals in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, and Tennessee:

    If you’re ready to feel good about yourself and your life, then I’m here to help! I provide online therapy in OhioTennesseeFlorida, California, and Pennsylvania. In addition to offering therapy for professionals, I offer online therapy for anxiety, online therapy for helping professionals, online therapy for burnout, and Therapy for Therapists™. I specialize in using The Daring Way™ and offer online workshops to clients who want to overcome shame. Contact me today and let’s get started!

    If you want to know more about me you can read about me as a therapist. Or, if you’re curious about my therapy practice then check out my FAQs, or read my mental health blog.