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    For most of us, physical exercise is linked to slimmer waistlines and stronger muscles, or it is something that we avoid as much as we can. However, there is more contribution of physical health to our overall well-being, especially emotional well-being.  Ever felt lively and confident after working out for even half an hour? Yes, it does help you loosen your stress and improve your mood.   Emotional and physical health are closely knit and impact one another highly. Regular exercises and a controlled diet helps in keeping your body energized and refreshed. It even controls your hormones in balance and your blood flow is steady. You even feel alive!  Even the best of us couch potato Netflix watchers can admit that.  woman excited to be a couch potato

    There is a lesser chance of drowning in depression and chronic illnesses if you have thoroughly maintained your emotional and physical health. This is why physical fitness is always discussed parallel to emotional health.   In order to keep up with a healthy lifestyle and an efficient work/life balance, you should definitely connect the dots between your physical and emotional health.   

    How Is Your Mood Connected With Your Physical Health?

    Do you have a lot of mood swings or burnouts? Uplifting your physical well-being might be the first solution you can implement.   In the last couple of years, when the whole world faced a global pandemic, our mobility, and activeness as individuals were significantly impacted. We were isolated at our places, with most of our work being done from bed.  Oh wait – maybe I just spent a year working in my PJs?  This action, or actually inaction, led to pandemic fatigue and lethargy. A modest amount of exercise can be of help in these cases. Anything is better than nothing!

    Regular exercise can even be thought of as an antidepressant. It helps you release endorphins, the “feel-good hormones”, which are known to uplift one’s mood and lower stress levels. In addition, practices like deep breathing or meditation can help you ease your exhaustion, and your mind freshens to some extent. 

    Woman exercise workout in gym fitness breaking relax holding apple fruit after training sport with dumbbell and protein shake bottle healthy lifestyle bodybuilding.

    Maintaining your physical health efficiently also has other benefits like improved memory and a better sleep cycle. It is generally known that people who exercise and focus on their physical well-being are more optimistic towards their life. They have a more positive and calm approach while dealing with and handling situations. 

    Exercise and a balanced diet also help you strengthen your immune system. A weak immune system can worsen stress or anxiety, and hence physical well-being aids you in preventing it. Additionally, it assists you in being a more focused and steadfast individual, which results in one feeling far more accomplished, self-worthy and confident.

    You might even feel proud of yourself each time you overcome a physical fitness challenge or a bad eating habit.   Wouldn’t that be a great milestone to reach?

    Does Emotional Health Impact Physical Health? 

    We have already learned that physical health has various positive impacts on the emotional well-being of an individual. However, is the case vice versa? Does emotional health also affect our physical fitness?

    Poor emotional health, regular burnout, sheer exhaustion, and stress can lead to weakened immune systems. Fragile immune systems can expose you to many health risks. For example, you are usually more likely to catch infections during emotionally low times. 

    African american slim woman with curly hair holding scale over isolated pink background stressed with hand on head, shocked with shame and surprise face, angry and frustrated. Fear and upset

    Shaky emotional health also makes an individual feel inactive and sluggish. This can impact their ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle, work/life balance, physical fitness, or a nutritious diet.  Most people end up consuming fast food and/or get involved in emotional eating.  

    An amazing example of the impact of emotional health on physical well-being is the COVID 19 pandemic. This global pandemic made many of us emotionally sick and lethargic. We couldn’t gather motivation to work out or take care of ourselves actively in these desperate times. Our immune system was remarkably at risk due to all this, which is why it was generally recommended to keep exercising and eating well. 

    Emotional breakdowns can lead to headaches, insomnia, loss of appetite, etc. All these conditions affect your physical health, consequently. 

    Steps towards a Simple Physically Healthy Routine!

    You do not need to be a fitness freak to have a physically healthy life. You just need to make a few simple alterations to your daily routine that can prove highly beneficial in the long term. For example, a decent amount of workout, few minutes of meditation, few healthy eating and sleeping practices, and a controlled diet might just change your life.  Or at least get you on that path towards changing your life.

    Close up of woman lifting kettlebell like dumbbells in fitness sport club gym training center with sport equipment near window background. Lifestyles and workout exercise for bodybuilding and healthy

    It is essential to reflect on your daily routine and find loopholes in your lifestyle. You aren’t expected to lift 50 pounds daily, but just pump some iron to kick start your body actively. 

    In order to include a fair share of physical exercises in your routine daily, you can: 

    • Start slow!

    Since you are new to regular exercising or are emotionally spent, do not overwhelm yourself. Instead, start small and give yourself time to build stamina. Take breaks if needed. Do not plan for extravagant and complex goals; instead, opt for achievable plans. 

    • Go for a walk during breaks.

    To balance out work and fitness, go for short walks during break or after lunch. 10-15 mins of the walk can produce some excellent outputs. You even feel energized after working for so long. 

    • Use staircases instead of elevators.

    Taking baby steps can bring considerable changes in your life. For example, make use of staircases more frequently instead of standing on an elevator till you reach your designated floor. 

    • Play with your siblings/children/fur babies, etc. 

    A fun way to inculcate physical activity in your day is to go out and play with children or your fur babies. This boosts your health both emotionally and physically. Jump ropes, play throw ball, or merely run with them, and you will see the difference in your energy!

    woman meditating at sunrise to relax and focus on her physical health

    • Meditate

    Apart from rigorous workouts, meditation is a calm yet vital physical activity. Take out 15 mins to meditate daily. It helps you concentrate better and is helpful for your body as well. 

    Besides physical activities, a controlled and nutritious diet plays a part equally. Try to focus on portion control, eat on time, add vegetables and fruits to your plate, drink adequate water, drink green tea, etc. These small steps towards a healthier lifestyle can help you accelerate both emotionally and physically without becoming a health nut.

    You Got This, You Are Doing Great!

    Physical impacts, emotional breakdowns, isolation, midnight pizza, etc., might seem to be exhausting. But you need to prioritize your physical health, understand your body, and implement simple and easy practices, as mentioned earlier, in your life. Finally, never hesitate to ask for help.  I am in this with you and would love to partner with you on this journey called life you are on.

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