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    If you’re on social media you have probably seen a quote from Brené Brown. She is a research professor who studies connection, shame, vulnerability, courage, and empathy. Her two-decades of research show that all individuals are wired for connection. And, it uncovered many of the barriers we have in making connections with others. Dr. Brown wrote a book Daring Greatly and offers Daring Way ™ certifications for therapists like me, who want to help their clients thrive and live their best lives. The goal of The Daring Way™ is to help people build courage, increase shame resilience, and uncover the power of being vulnerable.

    Let Me Tell You More About the Daring Way™

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    The Daring Way™ is an innovative approach to counseling that can be used in group settings, or in individual counseling. During therapy, you will become aware of the ways you keep yourselves separate from others. In a Daring Way™ or Rising Strong™ small group setting, you will enjoy the supportive and encouraging presence of others as you being to practice removing some of those barriers and allowing greater connection with others and with yourself.


    In my online therapy practice, I use Dr. Brené Brown’s work to move into the arena in a bold way to be your authentic self. Brené Brown’s work on shame and vulnerability allows for so much healing on a deep level. It partners brilliantly into whatever issues bring you into therapy.

    In order to be brave with our lives, we must be aware of our highest and most precious values.

    In a Daring Way™ Workshop or Individual Online Therapy You Will:

    • Identify the values that are most important to you
    • Discover how you behave when you’re in alignment with your values (and how you behave when you’re not)
    • Realize what emotions activate you and how those emotions can lead you to behave out of alignment with your values.
    • Determine what you need to do to care for your emotions so you can behave in ways that consistently align with your highest values.

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    We Practice. We Make Mistakes. We Circle Back. We Try Again.

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    Brené Brown’s research led her to develop her Shame Resilience Theory. Shame is a profoundly devastating emotion. And, it can cause many mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and more. As she aptly has stated, if you are human you know shame. It’s important to note that shame is not “proof” that you are flawed. And the mental health concerns you are having are an attempt to cope with this emotion. When shame is acknowledged it takes away the power it holds on your life.

    The Daring Way and Rising Strong groups are opportunities to take risks and to make mistakes in a supportive environment. Participants get to make attempts to be empathic with one another and set boundaries with one another. Participants leave the workshop not only with a more expansive understanding of themselves but also with the experience of having practiced the task of identifying their boundaries (what’s ok and what’s not ok.)

    In a Daring Way™ Workshop, we move our learning from our heads to our hearts through our hands.

    "I'm a recovering perfectionist and an aspiring good enoughist" brene brown. Join a daring way™ workshop with melissa Russiano who offers online therapy in California, online therapy in pennsylvania, online therapy in ohio, online therapy in tennessee, online therapy in florida & therapy for therapistsEach participant of our Daring Way™ group workshop receives a beautiful workbook to take home. In these groups, we not only watch videos and have generative group discussions, but we also complete writing exercises that support our growing self-awareness. We do this because it helps us engage in what we’re learning when we see our words written on a piece of paper or a post-it or crafted into a card or a drawing or write a poem.  Where do you want to show up in your life? At work, as a clinician, as a healer, as a high achiever?

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    Begin Your Journey to a Braver Life with The Daring Way™

    I invite to you join me on what promises to be a powerful and life-altering experience.

    Still have questions? Not sure if the Daring Way™ is right for you? I’m happy to personally answer any questions you might have about this workshop.  Services are offered in both an intensive individual format (virtually based) as well as in a group format through an intensive weekend. Please contact me for available dates, scheduled retreats, as well as pricing information.  Due to COVID-19 concerns, all workshops will be held virtually so you can attend no matter where you live.

    Whichever way you choose to do the work, we explore topics such as vulnerability, courage, shame, and worthiness. We will dig deep and become familiar with the thoughts, emotions, and barriers that are holding us back, and we identify new choices and practices that move us toward more authentic and wholehearted living. It is an adventure that can be painful, empowering, and inspiring. I am excited to partner with you through it.

    Not familiar with Dr. Brené Brown? Check out her TedTalk here and then let’s chat! The Power of Vulnerability


    Give yourself permission to begin online therapy or join a Daring Way™ workshop with Melissa Russiano:Post that says i give myself permission to.

    I want to help you feel like the best version of yourself. I specialize in providing therapy for helping professionals, therapy for therapists, and therapy for busy professionals. therapy for burnout and compassion fatigue, and therapy for imposter syndrome. I also offer online counseling in Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, California, Tennessee, and Ohio. Please contact me today and let’s get started!

    If you want to find out more before you schedule a consultation or join a group, then you can learn about me as an online therapist,  check out my FAQs, or read Mondays with Melissa, my mental health blog.
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