Therapy for Therapists™

Therapy for Therapists™

What?!?  Therapy for therapists?   A therapist NEVERS needs a therapist.  Right?  Um…nope.  Completely wrong.    Just because we are therapists, that does not make you immune to being human.

I read a slogan once, “give me a cape and a tiara and I can save the world”.

I cannot tell you how many years I lived by that slogan, all to feel like I was not measuring up in the end.

We are perfectly imperfect and dive into “fixing” others because sometimes we cannot fix ourselves.   As a result, we often feel like IMPOSTERS living a life we would rarely support a client in doing which means we allow our shame to drive our identity.  We fix – we feel better.   We meet people in very painful places but often forget that we need to take care of ourselves in the process.


Remember that word?   It is one that I mention to my grad students almost weekly in class.  However, when I mention it to helping professionals, I often get the roll of the eyes like to say, “yeah yeah – whatever”.   Don’t get me wrong – I say the same thing to friends!  But in the end, part of self-care is to realize that we are bruised but not broken, but also at the end of the day:  HUMAN.    Therapy for Therapists ™ is a way to address your concerns and barriers in a respectful manner with someone who understands the strength it took for you to reach out.  Someone who understands how your brain works.  Someone who respects what you do and is committed to partnering with you to get you to where you want to be so that you can be the clinician you were created to be.

Imposter Syndrome is an overused term (kind of trendy in my humble opinion) but one that most clinicians, including myself, feel that I would like to help normalize.   You can be both.  You can do both.  You just need to take a step to ask for help.

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